College Rules

The college assigns great importance to discipline as it ensures the sensibility of institution. The college keenly monitors the behaviour and the conduct of the students in the campus. The following rules laid by the college must be observed strictly by the students in letter and spirit:

  1. Students must come in proper uniform; no student in casual dress is allowed to enter the college.

  2. No student is allowed to enter the college after 10 a.m. This timing should be strictly followed from April to the month of November.

  3. Every student is directed to report his / her presence in the morning assembly at 10 a.m.

  4. No student will be allowed to leave the college campus before 3:30 pm. However any emergency must be reported to principal.

  5. Students remaining absent continuously for 15 days will be struck off from the rolls. However he or she may be re-admitted with the permission of the principal after paying re-admission fee.

  6. Any student guilty of misconduct or violation of any rule in the college is liable for disqualification.

  7. Students are eligible for examination only after attaining 80% attendance in all subjects.

  8. Once the fee is deposited by the candidate, it cannot be returned in any kind of circumstances. Fee should be deposited well in time.

  9. No union or political activity is allowed in the college.

  10. Students are not allowed to drink or smoke in the class rooms or in the college premises.

  11. Damage to the college property by any student is not allowed. The college has the right to recover the cost of the article damaged by the student.

  12. Students cannot write on the black board without the permission of teacher.

  13. The college will avail 7 holidays in accordance with the calendar prescribed by the University of Kashmir.

  14. Students leave would be sanctioned only after written intimation by the parents under the following conditions:

    1. Serious emergency

    2. Brother or sister's marriage.

    3. Examination or interview.

    4. In case of examination date sheet is to be submitted with the leave application.

  15. Every student will take part in Museum activity. He or she will have to contribute at least three items to the museum.

  16. Project work: Every student local or non local will have to work on the project. Lecturer in charge will suggest the project.

  17. Student will have to take part in all the college programmes like debates, cultural programmes etc.

  18. No discrimination is allowed on the basis of caste, colour and creed.

  19. Use of mobile is not allowed in class room.


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