The college has its own library having large number of books, which suffices all the curriculum of B.Ed/D.Ed./ETT courses. The books are issued for a period of two weeks. An over due charge of Rs 5/- will be lieved per day beyond the due date. If the book is lost tempered or tarnished, double the cost of the book shall be recovered. Proper membership cards are issued in favour of the students.

  1. Membership of the library shall be open to the student and staff members only.

  2. Books damaged or mutilated shall not be accepted. They shall have to be replaced by new ones.

  3. The student can borrow one book at a time.

  4. The students shall be issued only one book at a time.

  5. Having accepted the goals of universilization of compulsory Education, trained teachers are also required by the primary schools, preparation of these teachers is a huge task and we try to undertake this job to:-

  6. Latest periodicals and journals cannot be issued from the library.

  7. An amount of five hundred is to be deposited (Refundable) as library deposit in the beginning of the year.


KWCE is located in Noor Bagh Sopore.
The town is a trade hub of Kashmiri Apple and falls in the North of Kashmir Valley.



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