Objectives of KWCE

  • Among all principal profession teachership is the first choice of women all-over the world, and that the teaching being one of the largest of all professions in India, it attracts a good number of unemployed youth. If trained, a considerable number of unemployed female youth will get absorbed in the job.

  • The private schools have now been enduring to attract persons of right choice in. teaching professions and we offer the opportunity for some institutions to get efficient staff.

  • We feel it our duty to assist to the Department of Education to get trained teachers so that the quality of Education is improved by efficiency.

  • Having accepted the goals of universalization of compulsory education, trained teachers are also required by the primary schools, preparation of these teachers is a huge task and we try to undertake this job to:-

    1. Help the community to achieve the set goals.
    2. Create employment opportunities for our female youth of undergraduate level.


KWCE is located in Noor Bagh Sopore.
The town is a trade hub of Kashmiri Apple and falls in the North of Kashmir Valley.



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